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About Us

Pets are like the lord's heart!!

We commit to never stop delivering the best quality pet product additionally to make pets' life, even more, comfier, joyous, and beautiful. 

Pets are priceless, and as responsible pet essentials suppliers, we wish to assist every pet in satisfying their needs with our creative goods and services. Our objective is to play a significant role in bringing pets and their humans closer together for many years to come, and in doing so, to contribute to a friendlier world.

Our vision

When you find the appropriate pet for you, they may transform a house into a home, bring people closer together, and fill our lives with unconditional love.

At Pawsnfurr, we hope that through our dedication and efforts, every pet can experience the joys of raising pets as members of the family.

Our mission

To design and distribute creative yet functional pet products and services that offer delight to pets and their families,

We have gathered the most comprehensive list of pet supplies, whether it's for their diet, care, or enjoyment, based on the significant study. It is fair to state that our staff has conducted extensive research in order to provide you with the most accurate information and pet necessities that we have specified on our website.

Under one roof, we provide a comprehensive choice of quality pet food and accessories.

Every pet has varied dietary needs, which are determined by a variety of factors such as the environment, breed, and health issues. We carry a wide variety of pet food brands, that are ideal for your pet's health. You'd undoubtedly want to give your furry friend a nice present in exchange for the love, love, and delight they may give you, wouldn't you? We understand our consumers because we are pet owners ourselves, which is why we supply you with the best selection of treats for your pets.

We not only provide the highest-quality pet food on the market, but we also sell high-quality pet accessories such as toys, feeders, odor and stain removers, and more. 

Let your furry friend be healthy and engaged all day long with our premium quality supplies

We've been putting our extensive subject knowledge to good use by offering best-in-class pet care items and accessories at market-leading pricing. You may find a wide variety of food, accessories, grooming kits, apparel, and other items for different pets.

Permit your pets to bounce their tails joyfully

Pawsnfurr offers high-quality dry dog food, collars, leashes, and accessories, dog toys and training goods, health and wellness products, dog clothes and bedding, and dog grooming products to our valued clients. All of these pet care products are sourced from well-known companies to assure high quality.

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