Dog pregnancy can be an excellent time to care for your beloved pet. Like pregnant humans, pregnant dogs go through hormonal, weight, hunger, and behavioural changes. 

If you believe your dog might be pregnant, you should start watching for indicators of dog pregnancy. Be ready to observe changes because many symptoms do not appear until almost a month has passed. 

During this time, your dog will require more love and attention. It's fascinating to watch newborn puppies grow. Diet has a crucial role in the gestation and development of the puppies while your dog is either pregnant or nursing.

You can get ready to care for your pregnant dog by being aware of the canine pregnancy symptoms. About a month into the pregnancy, she will start to swell in the teat and have vaginal discharge. 

The abdomen of a pregnant dog may be a good indicator of pregnancy, depending on the breed and size of the dog. Normally, the abdomen grows by 20 to 50%, but this may not be visible until a few weeks before the dog gives birth. Once the pregnancy is discovered, a trip to the vet is advised.

 Dogs who are pregnant could become sleepy and less energetic, and they might not want to consume ordinary food. When a pregnant dog withdraws or loses interest, it may be a clue that the pregnancy would be complicated


The developing embryo depends heavily on the first trimester of a dog's pregnancy. The embryo stays in the Fallopian tubes for the first two and a half weeks of pregnancy. They stay until the placenta is produced, which takes roughly 17 days. They get their nourishment there and keep growing.

To guarantee enough energy intake and prevent hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) in late pregnancy, foods with high concentrations of soluble carbohydrates and low concentrations of fibre are crucial. For the bitch to produce enough milk for the puppies' optimal bone development, she has to consume enough calcium (between 1 and 1.8 per cent) and phosphorus (between.8 and 1.6 per cent).

When the babies reach full term, your pet's pregnancy is at its end. Most of their organs are finished developing during the last few weeks, and they are getting ready to survive outside the womb. The puppies require a lot of nutrition from the mother since they grow quickly. 

Unfortunately, since the babies have reached full size, eating can be difficult for the mother, as anyone who has ever experienced pregnancy will agree. To guarantee a sufficient increase in body weight and increase in nutritional reserves, the queen's food intake should be gradually raised by a total of 15 to 25% by the time of whelping.

Choose an adult dog food that is high in protein, fat, and minerals for pregnant dogs. You might need to buy more food for pregnant dogs because the pregnant dog's nutritional requirements will grow at a pace of around one and a half times that of a regular dog. 

Do not deprive a pregnant dog of food because the puppies she is carrying need extra nutrition. For advice on performance diets for pregnant dogs, speak with your veterinarian. Dog food that is suitable for your future mother-to-be is available from Pawsnfurr.

Your dog may start acting more weary, thirsty, and agitated as her belly expands. Ensure she has a place to go for rest when she needs a break from her busy family life. Most dogs want to be near their humans, but they sometimes need brief moments of solitude so they can start nesting without being harassed. 

As previously said, provide the pups with a whelping box a few days or weeks in advance. Keep it away from other animals and kids because the stench can frighten the mother who is getting ready to give birth there. Keep it in a clean, dry environment.

Animal birth is often a natural procedure, and the majority have few, if any, issues. But in order to avoid regrets in the future, it is a good idea to be ready just in case. In the final weeks of your dog's pregnancy, make sure to have the vet's contact information handy. 

Get the after-hours and weekend emergency number in case the birth or other related issues happen during those times. There are also cosy bedding options at Pawsnfurr to provide your dog and her new ones with a comfortable experience.