It is so annoying to have no attention given to you by your friends or colleagues. Now that you have finally come home, your dog is ignoring you too. It is a different kind of frustration when you come home and call your dog lovingly only to have them walk away, at your face, yes. 

  1. Your dog has likely had a bad experience with you in the past. You might have called on them and when they came, you must have shoo-ed them away cause you got busy watching an instagram story. That’s something you will have to fix.

  2. Your dog must not have received proper training about answering your calls. Or you might be using the same calls for everything and now your dog baby is confused. 

  3. Even if you are upset with your dog, fake the high-pitched sweet voice. This will make sure your dog listens to you and comes to you on calling. 

  4. Punishing or using a rude tone on your dog is always a bad idea. It will drive your dog away from you. 

  5. Your dog has lost interest in you.(Ouch!) Simply calling on your dog and making them stand close to you isn’t interesting to your dog anymore. You have got to spice it up with treats and toys. 

  6. Maybe they have experienced too many times that calling them means party-time is over. It is either that you are taking them to the groomer or pet or maybe its time for them to leave the park and go home. So now they don’t want to pay attention to you at all. 

  7. After all, why wouldn’t your doggo come to you? Maybe there is some underlying concern and it's time you visit a vet or an expert. 

So now, how do we fix this situation? Here’s what you got to pay attention too:

  • Shower your dog with love and try to bond with them. Not that you already don’t, but just do it maybe in a way that gives them a different message.

  • Try to understand the love language of your dog. Is it space and distance at times? Does your dog like socializing at the park? Learn your dog's behavior so you can try to connect with them more. 

  • Enrich your dog with toys and see how much they like playing fetch. This way you can spend time with each other doing things you both enjoy. It will then be impossible for your dog to ignore you. 

  • Keep them close to you. Dogs are loving and like to spend time with their owners. If you work all day or aren’t able to spend enough time with your doggo, see to it that you do. If dogs don’t socialize enough they become lonely and start acting differently. 

  • Train your dog using: sit, stand, paw, etc. This will ensure they know what to do according to what you are calling on them. 

  • Don’t punish your dog ever. That will make them scared of you. This will also affect them and make them quieter.

  • Keep your dog healthy and take them on walks. Walks are the best thing for your dog but also for you both to do together. 

  • Make sure your dog is comfortable. Moved to a new home or had to relocate to a new environment? Then maybe your dog feels out of place and isn’t responding the way you would want it to. 

To conclude, you need to pay attention to what is bothering your dog and why they are behaving this way? Check out more blogs and dog products for your doggo at our website.