Our website https://pawsnfurr.com/, has a wide range of products for pet cats and pet dogs in a single platform. However, cats and dogs belong together in real-life situations. A cat-dog relationship isn’t of hate and blood, but it is filled with chase and annoyance. It does have a touch of negativity to it. 

Cats and dogs are always chasing each other. The thing that comes to my mind right now is the famous cartoon, Tom and Jerry. In this cartoon, the relationship between cat and dog is also displayed. Tom is a lion in front of Jerry and becomes a mouse in front of the bulldog. 

Even now, when cats and dogs are brought together they fight and scratch each other. The cat runs away and the dog runs behind it. There are a few instances when a rather “strong” cat has scratched a dog and then the dog has become scared of cats for the rest of their life. Cats and dogs are different in style and breed, that is mainly the reason for this behavior. Cats love to be treated as queens/kings while dogs are loyal and want to protect their owners. This brings conflict and roughness in their relationship. 

So to answer the question: Is it still a chase? Yes, it is. However, there are some exceptions.

If a pet cat and pet dog are raised together in the same indoor setup and are treated well by their owners, cats and dogs have shown to portray affection and love. They are known to have shared food and also groomed each other. A pet cat, if introduced to a pet dog at an early age, connects well and finds attachment with the pet dog. Similarly, when a pet dog is introduced to a small furbaby, it finds so much attachment with the cat that they tend to not mingle with other dogs. 

If an environment is created where cats and dogs are made to live with other pets like chicken, ducks, etc, they all sometimes tend to become a small family and there are no differences between pet cats and pet dogs. To conclude, you could say that it is all in the upbringing and environment that the pet cat and pet dogs are raised in. Otherwise, they will always have friction between them.