Walking a pet dog is a crucial part of their daily routine. Walking helps the pet dog stimulate and work out their body along with all their senses. By walking a pet dog, the owner also gets fitter and that’s an added bonus to this highlight of the day. 

All pet dogs are different in their walk. Differences come from breed but also their individual behaviors and personalities. A bulldog will be different from a retriever or a german shepherd. At the same time, dogs are either jumpy and friendly or are very quiet and stick to their owners only. Nevertheless, here are a few things to keep handy when preparing for a walk with a pet dog:

Water: In order to enjoy the walk, the pet dog must be hydrated. Carry a water bottle or a dog water bottle to always have when required. Especially in the summer, the dog will pant a lot more and that’s a cue to make sure the dog is well hydrated.  

Treats: Always keep a few treat favorites for your pet dog. This will help in keeping the dog focused and catch their attention when required. Suppose, the dog is trying to go down the wrong lane and is really being fussy about it, it is time to throw in a treat. 

Paws: Dogs walk bare feet and the owner must always remember to not take the dog on any hot cement or sidewalks. This can cause injuries. There are a ton of paw socks to choose from if paw protection is required.  

Leash: There are so many types of leashes and harnesses available. One must remember that a dog is not paying attention to the traffic or people walking by. It is the owner’s job to make sure that the pet is in control at all times and this is exactly what a leash or harness will help with. 

Potty bags: Did you know that dog waste has certain bacteria that can live up to two weeks and cause contamination in drinking water pipelines? Yes, that’s true. So pet owners must always carry potty bags for their pet dogs on walks and always clean up after their pets. This also keeps checking on hygiene in neighborhoods. 

Sniff: Sniffing is a natural tendency for dogs. It is a way for them to explore the world and understand who’s territory they are in. Sniffing helps them understand their environment. As a dog mom/dad, you must never stop the dog from sniffing around, as this fuels their curiosity. 

Break: To keep a balance, try taking breaks while walking the dog. This will help the dog to cool down and also calm down their hyperness. This way the dog will look around and try and see what else they can explore. 

Time: Dog walks need time and it is really about making the most out of each walk. The owner must not rush peeing, sniffing, or pulling the dog away and want to go home quickly. This can cause other issues and make the dog fussy and out of control. 

Permission: If a pet dog is very friendly and is constantly jumping at other dogs, always ask for permission because you never know what the other pet is like. Some dogs are just quieter and may not appreciate this move from the pet. While other dogs could also get angry and this could become ugly. 

Identification: A dog walk can go out of control sometimes. The leash could get loose or the dog may get out of hand despite all the care an owner takes. To avoid any further horror in situations like this, always keep identification tags on the pet dog. There could be a tag or information regarding phone numbers and addresses on the collar. Similarly, always keep pictures of the pet dog so that looking around becomes easy and owner verification can be done. 

Socialization: Dog walks are a way by which dogs socialize. They meet other dogs and pets in society, claim their territory, and even find a buddy at times. Walks are proven to make the dog happy and healthier. 

Hyper: Dogs at times can become hyper and end up biting the most random thing. This is a way for them to release their energy. If they run around or bark a lot before or during walks, then that’s just because they are excited. However, if it feels a lot then you can get it checked with the vet always. 

Bonding: Always remember, a pet dog isn’t only excited about going on a walk but rather they are excited to go on a walk with their owner. It is the time for the pet and their owner to bond and walk together. Even though the owner might be a little slow for the dog's speed, the source of happiness for the dog is their owner. 

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