When going on trips and vacations with a pet dog, it is necessary to have a first aid kit. This makes the owner confidence that they can handle any situation like an accident, sudden pain, or swelling of the tummy. It is best to keep a first aid kit handy always, even around the house. 

Note: Do not use Human products on dogs or any other pets for that matter. Products and antiseptics must be safe for dogs and only the prescribed dosage must be followed. 

In your first-aid kit, you must also keep the number of a veterinarian along with emergency numbers. Along with that, keep a copy of all medical records, vaccinations, and other documents that could come in use at such times. Here is a list of must-haves in a dog first-aid kit: 

Absorbent gauze pads or cotton balls in case of injury to clean up wounds or cuts. This will also help in applying ointment and solutions. 

Adhesive glue tape is made especially for dogs as it does not stick to the fur. This is a must-have if your dog is a furry baby. 

3% Hydrogen peroxide in case the pet dog needs to vomit it all out. Hydrogen peroxide can also be used for cleaning up wounds. 

Disposable gloves for the owner or caretaker to use. 

Scissors, to cut tapes and bandages obviously. 

Tweezers will help pull out splinters in case any have gotten in the dog’s paws.

Towels to wrap or cover up the dog. 

Small torch to use when required

Alcohol wipes

Recommended ointment or sprays in case of a cut or dry skin. 

Soft muzzle; in case the dog is very injured, they won’t let anybody near them due to the pain. In extreme cases, they tend to bite the owners or anyone around. A soft muzzle will make things easy for the owner to manage. 

The first and best thing to do is to call the vet and understand what needs to be done. During a check-up or visit, consult with the veterinarian to understand the pet dog’s specific needs. This way the pet owner will at least have an idea as to what needs to be done in any of these situations. Handling these situations for a pet dog is difficult and mustn’t be done on guesswork.