We have all had that moment when we come across a cute cat video on Instagram and instantly become a ball of love. We all have that one video on Tiktok about a dog waiting for their owner to come home and instantly becoming teary-eyed. That’s the thing right, what is it about these pets that make us all emotionally uplifted and give us immense joy?

In recent times, pets especially dogs and even horses are used as emotional support animals. Emotional support animals are used for therapy and healing. People who have dealt with heartache and are traumatized by some experience get a sense of purpose back in their lives due to emotional support animals. 

After analyzing the internet and looking through some research studies, here’s why:

Pets give social recognition to their owners. Humans are social animals no matter how anti-social we feel. When humans are by themselves for a very long time, they start to feel lonely. Pets give a sense of companionship and a whole lot of comfort. They instill purpose in the heart and minds of their owners. 

Just petting a dog and seeing their waggy tail can calm the human down and feel loved. A certain study says that patting and playing with dogs release hormones like oxytocin and serotonin that help uplift the mood. 

Powerful communication: Non-verbal communication that comes from pets like dogs and cats is powerful and sometimes needed. At times, when dealing with emotions all we need is somebody to share comfortable silence with. 

Lower stress levels: Patting and massaging a pet dog or simply passing fingers through the fur of your cat baby can reduce stress and help get rid of negative thoughts. Seeing the pet cat or dog enjoying the message can make you feel good and happy. 

Lower blood pressure: Pets help calm in calming down whatever is happening with you. A relationship that is so easy and all about love is definitely going to keep your blood pressure in control. 

Lesser anxiety and depression symptoms: Pets can sense feelings of anxiousness and sadness. It is their superpower. When a pet dog or cat feels their parent is experiencing this they will just crawl over and give all the love you need.  

Companionship and togetherness: Talking, feeding, and caring for a pet dog or cat provides it creates goodwill, joy, and happiness. Listening to the sounds of a pet cat and dog creates more connection between the owner and the pet. 

Purpose of life: Caring for a pet and adding them to your routine life gives you a sense of purpose which uplifts the owner mentally. 

Cuddle buddy: Touch is very important and pets are great to cuddle partners. Touching and licking help in making the owner feel good and elevate the mood. 

Feeling needed: After a really bad day or a tough experience feeling needed can help a lot. Bringing positive thoughts to the mind and experiencing joy is all that is required. 

Self-esteem: Self-esteem helps boost confidence and makes you desire to do things. Pets motivate their owners and keep them longing to do more and more. 

Physically fit: Pets play around and keep their owners active. This helps get fresh air and distracts the mind from what is bothering the owner. (Check out some cool toys for your cat and dog on our website:https://pawsnfurr.com/)

Being in the moment: Worrying and stressing about the future and past experiences is not something pets practice. Pets also don’t let their owners worry and bring them back to this moment where they can be with each other fully. (Aww!)

Self-care and routine: Pets love habits and so do humans. Habits and routines make people feel complete and excited. This helps with keeping the mind and body healthy. 

Paw-love: Pets like dogs or cats or any other animal, give a whole lot of love. Love heals everything: mind, body, and soul. 

There are scientific and non-scientific reasons as to why pets have a good impact on our mental health. This article is just a glimpse of all the happiness and joy a pet can bring to your life. 

Note: Taking care of a pet cat and dog requires some of you. If you aren’t sure, understand the requirements first and then proceed to get animal support.