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Carnilove Kitten Salmon & Turkey 2 kg

Carnilove Kitten Salmon & Turkey 2 kg
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Carnilove Kitten Salmon & Turkey 2 kg
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rain-free & potato-free formula for kittens. CARNILOVE Salmon & Turkey Kitten is a complete kitten food. 75% WILD-ORIGIN MEATS. It is important to feed kittens with food rich in quality proteins, fats, vitamins and essential nutrients for healthy growth and optimal bodily development. CARNILOVE Salmon & Turkey Kitten has been formulated with respect for the natural composition of the feline diet. The recipe is based on salmon and turkey, sources of essential amino acids, which in combination with forests fruits, vegetables, and herbs provide essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants every day for proper development of the skeleton, muscles, and natural immunity.


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