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With its natural colors this toys will be your cat's favorite.

Model: Blue Whale Plush Toy
Cat Catnip Toys Interactive Plush Chew Toy for Cats Kitty Gift Pet Product Whale Pillow Durable Soft Game Chew Toy..
KWD 6.000
Ex Tax:KWD 6.000
Model: Bubble Milk Bottle
Anti-breast milk shapeNipple has holes and thickBowl curved design300g heavy liquid silica gel..
KWD 15.000
Ex Tax:KWD 15.000
Model: Cat Scratcher with Tunnel
HIGH QUALITY NATURAL MATERIAL: Made of sturdy and solid wood with durable natural woven sisal, can provide cats with long term scratching . PROTECT FURNITURE: Cat Tunnel toys with hanging toys, Grab sticks combine to attract cats to play and grab, natural sisal is suitable for cats to grab, effecti..
KWD 3.000
Ex Tax:KWD 3.000
Brand: Pakeway Model: Cat Tunnel Ball Pet Toys
1. Flying saucer cat turntable toy. The flying saucer‑shaped base is round and has the function of not falling, which can prevent pets from tipping over when playing. The catnip in the bowl can attract cats to play. It can keep your cat happy when alone at home. 2. Safe and durable. The roller toy ..
KWD 5.500
Ex Tax:KWD 5.500
Model: Collapsible Tunnel 25*130 Cm
These durable, colourful cat toys will provide hours of entertainment for cats, and for the people watching those cats as well. They’ll be especially fun for multiple-cat households, as cats chase each other into and out of the tunnels, have play-fights at the openings, and use them for that grand f..
KWD 5.000
Ex Tax:KWD 5.000
Model: Dual Use Triangle Scratch Board
Cat claws grow faster. After the claws are bent, the claws can affect the cat walking or stabbing the meat pad. In order to keep the claws sharp and prevent bending, the cat likes to grind the claws...
KWD 3.500
Ex Tax:KWD 3.500
Brand: SPRING PARK Model: Feeding toys
Made of environmental friendly material, it is non-toxic and safe for your pet. The tumbler design will attract your pets attention, your pet will shake the tumbler toy and try to get food from the toy so that it can be eaten. You just need to put food into the container, and let pets enjoy intera..
KWD 2.500
Ex Tax:KWD 2.500
Model: Grooming Green Plush Toy
Safe and environmentally friendly: Made of natural durable materials, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, safe for pets to bite and play. Designed for most pets, dogs, cats. Interactive toy: This pet toy can easily attract pets' attention, help pets improve their intelligence, and facilitate pe..
KWD 3.500
Ex Tax:KWD 3.500
Model: Macushla Catnip Spray
100 percent organicreduce stress..
KWD 2.750
Ex Tax:KWD 2.750
Model: Macushla Catnip Sticks
Natural and Unprocessed – macushla catnip sticks is 100% wild, healthy and safe for your pets.Better Digestion and Easy Feeding Method – Catnip can promote intestinal peristalsis to improve digestion and keep pets healthy.High Potency - Your cat will be strongly attracted by it, reactions like chewi..
KWD 2.250
Ex Tax:KWD 2.250
Model: Nandog Flamingo Design Toy
Cordy Roy Flamingo is loud and proud, with cool cordy feathers in bright salmon pink! This bobbly buddy loves splashing in the water, flapping those neat wings and waggly tail. Gorgeously textured with a chunky squidgy beak, this fun flamingo..
KWD 7.200
Ex Tax:KWD 7.200
Model: Nandog Lobster Shape Toy
Modern designUnique design: My BFF LobsterSoft and cuddly plush toySimple and clean lookSqueaker inside..
KWD 7.200
Ex Tax:KWD 7.200
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