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Cat Trees and Scratchers

Model: Scratcher - Cat Nip
Cat Carton scratcher with cat nip 45 cm length 21 cm width..
KWD 2.800
Ex Tax:KWD 2.800
Model: Cat tree scratcher
CAT ACTIVITY TREE, 3 LEVELS WITH SCRATCH POSTS & HANGING TOY 49X93 CM【COMFORTABLE MATERIALS】We strive to make our multi-level cat towers more attractive to cats. Each fruit platform is made of thickened wooden boards, so cats feel more secure standing on it. The fabric is not easy to pilling, no..
KWD 38.000
Ex Tax:KWD 38.000
Model: Cat tree scratcher
CAT ACTIVITY TREE, 3 LEVELS WITH SCRATCH POSTS & HANGING TOY 49X93 CMThe cute and colorful vegetable cat tower is not too high, so it is perfect for senior cats ♪The base is rounded and stable, so it won't fall over, and the whole round corners are not easy to worry about injuryCats love the fab..
KWD 40.000
Ex Tax:KWD 40.000
Model: Cat tree scratcher
6 LEVELS CAT TREE & SCRATCHER 59X59X158 CM【Luxury design】Multi-level keeps your cat/kitten(s) entertained whilst ensuring they keep active. Great for when they’re left alone in the house so they don't feel lonely.【Sturdy and stable, Unlimited fun】Super sturdy structure, balanced design, sturdy b..
KWD 50.000
Ex Tax:KWD 50.000
Brand: afp Model: Classic Comfort - Incline Cat Sisal Scratcher
Cat Scratcher is a smart and economical way to save furniture from damage to nails. Scratching stairs act as both a hang-out spot and a scratcher...
KWD 9.500
Ex Tax:KWD 9.500
Brand: afp Model: Classic Comfort - Mochachino Scratching Post with Rubber
This home decor cat scratcher features a brush base where your cat can rub his fur, therefore not leaving hair all over your house. Cat scratching posts are an easy way to entertain your cat. Not to mention, they also keep your sofa from being destroyed!Cats are highly intelligent creatures and love..
KWD 15.000
Ex Tax:KWD 15.000
Model: Scratcher & Cave
BIRD DESIGN CAT NEST WITH SCRATCHER 48*69cmWhile improving the quality of life of pets, the owner does not feel oppressed or unfit by adding an item to the living space.- The hole design meets the nature of the cat's favorite hole, quiet and concealed.- Bring a lob to catch the cat’s attention ..
KWD 18.000
Ex Tax:KWD 18.000
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