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Brand: Pakeway Model: Happy Eating Double Pet Bowl
1. The 7cm height of the dining table is a comfortable neck protector, which improves the pet's eating posture. The kitten is supported to eat without pressure, and the neck protector is comfortable. The inclined bowl mouth brings a larger eating area, and pets with big faces such as Garfield and bu..
KWD 4.500
Ex Tax:KWD 4.500
Model: CDDJJ Automatic Cats Water Bowl Fountain for Pets Dog Water Disp
1. Ion exchange resin and activated coconut charcoal double-layer filter material, layer by layer filter, water quality is safer and more hygienic. 2. Upgraded silent, low-pressure silent water pump reduces the noise to a weak, accompany you to sleep well all night. 3. Detachable design: easy ..
KWD 10.000
Ex Tax:KWD 10.000
Model: Pet Food Bowl With Cat Foot Design
The unique animal design brings more sweetness to our cats and dogs. Makes pets eat more comfortably. Made of high-temperature ceramic soil, no oil, no stains, easy to clean. The stability of the ceramic itself is coupled with non-slip foot pads, which prevent overturning and do not slide. Envir..
KWD 7.500
Ex Tax:KWD 7.500
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