About Us

Our company, which we established in Istanbul in 2007 to serve in the pet industry, works for the comfort of you and our animal friends by expanding its product range day by day so that your pets receive the best quality service under the main brand Energy.

pawsnfurr, which produces and sells well-known brands such as Mavilim, Marvelous, Flirtatious, Spoiled, Muhabbet and Televole under the main brand Energy, offers Energy budgerigar food peeled, honey and fruit cracker varieties, canary food, due to its special interest in your budgies; Not forgetting cats and dogs, it added wet and dry cat-dog foods and cat litter to its portfolio.

Our Product Quality

Our raw materials imported from various countries are presented as brand products for our lovely friends in the healthiest conditions after being processed in our facilities and sold on the shelves of reputable markets and pet shop stores of our country.

pawsnfurr, our goal is to provide you with the healthiest service in animal feed production and to be one of the most popular companies in Turkey with its products in this sector. Our company is to continue its activities in this line with the same quality.


Nourishing with vitamins. & protein supplements


Healthy production system in the right conditions.

Fast Transportation

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Fast Delivery

Fast delivery with our contracted cargo.